Etienne Hetzel – Voices & Guitars

Fabrice Letang – Bass Guitar

Erwann Loezic – Drums & Backings



«When those guys gonna die, I’ll let them my Kingdom».

«Their music is such a way to evacuate my anger ! Make me crack my shirt but my pants too» !

«VOW in my earphones – my professional secret to stay hard every time»

«Voice Of Winter is the soundtrack of my crazy londonian nights».
(Jack the Ripper)

«They are why I want to have my head – and my ears – back».
(The Headless Horseman)

«Balrog would probably win if it had known their songs».


«Voice Of… who» ?
(Keith Moon)

«Since the release of their first album, our turnover has tripled».
(Marco S. – accountant at Durex)

«My friend Wilson discovered Voice Of Winter six month ago. Now he had his puberty and even chest hair».
(Gregory House)

«Now I’m ashamed of my body».
(Joey De M – bassplayer in a local band)

«Probably the best thing since the invention of the wheel».
(Leo Da Vinci)

«They are like a mass effect drug but legal».
(Judge Dread)

«They are the past, the present and the future».
(Dr Emmet Brown)